Would you like to work less and achieve more? Then this is for you...

Do you feel like things are a little (or a lot) out of control at the moment?
Do you find your days flitting away without much to show for it?
Do you feel like there are so many goals and dreams that you are meant to achieve but your current schedule is holding you back?
Do you want to make more time for family, exercise and self-care, but can't seem to fit it all in?
Do you often feel overwhelmed by never-ending "to-do" lists?
Do you want to work less and achieve more??

Then you need this workshop!

Join Terez in this 2-hour workshop where she will take you through the best daily and weekly planning method to get ALL the things done.


How to organise ALL of your "To Do's"

You will learn how to manage all of your home, work, personal and goal "to do's" in one place so that they all get done no matter what.

How to use any software or planner to manage your life

This simple method can be used with any online software (like Asana) and any daily planner. All you need for the workshop are a few pieces of paper and your online, dairy or wall calendar.

How to prioritise what to do first and when to do it

You will learn a quick decision-making method to choose which tasks to focus on first and how to decide when to get them done.

and more...

"Practical and actionable!"

This session is all about action! Terez will walk you through the process live in the session so that immediately afterwards you will have a calendar that is organised, scheduled and ready for action.Β 

Β "Terez has helped me prioritise work and life so that there is harmony in my life again"

"Was so inspired today and totally fired up!"

"Personally this last year has made me realise how important it is to invest in yourself and the things that really matter to you. Which is why I’m really excited about this."

Get your week and life back in control with the Weekly Planning Method to work less and achieve more!


$47 $27

PLUS 100% money back guaranteed if you aren't satisfied after the workshop! I'm that confident that you will love it!