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If you want results faster without sacrificing more of your time and well-being, then I can help you.

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We often think that procrastination is driven from just the way we are.  Some people think procrastination is because of laziness or lack of motivation. And we often think procrastination is a hard-wired habit that will take ages to change.

Luckily the truth is that we procrastinate because we want to avoid negative emotions – especially fear. We will chat about the emotions that you may be avoiding and what you can do instead.

Perfectionism is created from the inherent thought that something is “not good enough”. 

And the problem with that thought is that “enough is never enough”!

So though your coaching with me we can create a new definition of what “good enough” really means for you. Leaving you feeling proud of the work you consistently deliver.

Life and work is just a series of decisions. In fact we make over 35,000 decisions a day!!

So if you really want to improve your life, you can do it just by focusing on making better and faster decisions.

In your coaching with me, we will uncover what keeps you stuck from making your best decisions and how to get off the fence and into the field.

I’m guessing you probably have a clear idea of what’s important to you? This is the case for many people. (But if not, we can certainly get clear on your priorities first).

However, the bigger problem that I see with clients is being able to take action on those priorities. People tend to get caught up on the URGENT, while the IMPORTANT falls to the bottom of the list every time. 

During your coaching with me we will discover the roadblocks that keep you from taking action on what’s most important, and create a simple strategy to make time for the important things first.

One of the priorities that takes a back seat with busy executives like yourself is personal well-being and a life-work balance.

The first step is to put life first, hence “life-work balance” (and not the other way around).

The amazing thing that happens next, is work flourishes too! Let me show you how this can work for you. 

Because yes, you can love your life and your work and have fun while doing it all.


Studies show that a person who is interrupted takes 50% longer to finish a task. Not only that but he or she also makes up to 50% more errors.

So if you want to improve your productivity then work on your distractions.

When coaching with me you will go through a distraction detox, working through all of the distractions that keep you from doing your best, most innovative and strategic work.

Yes – “fear of missing out” on meetings is a thing. And it’s costing many busy executives lots of valuable time they could be using on other things.

If this is happening to you, fear not, during your coaching with me, we will discover why this is happening and what you can do about it.

We think that motivation comes from recognition, money, promotions and performance. The problem is that those are externally given and cause us to be disappointed more of the time. But actually we can create motivation for ourselves right now no matter your current circumstances.

Motivation is not a feeling but rather a skill we can learn.

I’ll show you how you can generate the most sustainable motivation in even the toughest situations.

If we do something positive long enough it becomes a habit. And if we practice those habits long enough we achieve goals. And if we consistently achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves then our dreams and future vision come true!

So it makes sense that consistency with anything will lead to success.

But, for many of us we find consistency the most challenging skill to get right.

During your coaching with me, we will work on building your consistency by building your self-trust.

When we are faced with conflict and uncertainty, we feel a range of feelings like helplessness, anger, defeat, frustration, confusion and fear. And when we act from these emotions we lack the creativity for quick and resourceful problem-solving.

The reason we feel this way is really because we’re trying too hard to control the things outside of our control.

Instead when you can focus on what you can control, you regain your power and your mental strength. And then you’re able to show up as the courageous leader you know you are.

Together we will uncover your own unique leadership superpower that you can call on whenever you’re faced with conflict, ambiguity and uncertainty.