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Using the same process Google uses to innovate and implement their successful projects, we will get clear on your goal and action plan in just 90 minutes.

This is for you if you need to get clear, get organised and get it all done, FAST!

In just 90 minutes we will...
Get clarity on your one goal that will positively impact every area of your life
Gain clarity on your challenges and what to do about them
Create a 12-month action plan
Define core strategies unique to you on how to achieve your plan
Just imagine how confident you will be when you have your own 12-month action plan?

Hi, I'm Terez

Your expert coach


A complex personality with knowledge for miles, Terez is one of the most driven individuals you’ll meet.

A go-getter by nature, she’s focused, ambitious and not content to sit idle. By the age of 28, she’d already headed up a corporate customer experience division with a team of 80 people for a large national company and embarked upon her MBA when she decided to move out of corporate.

While working on her MBA, Terez built an e-commerce store, had a baby and created a marketing agency. Not all on the same day, mind you.

But then life shifted for her. She realised that the goals she had before having a family were different from the goals she wanted for her life now. And at the same time, she realised that so many other moms, women, and even men were experiencing these identity shifts too.

The world needs more support and positivity for people to adapt to their changing roles. And Terez plans to help guide and motivate people to achieve their big and small but important goals with intentional, actionable and unique strategies.

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Your 90 minute strategy session focussed entirely on you and using the same process that Google uses to innovate and implement successful projects for their business.

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Your 90 minute strategy session...


1 month Voxer (like WhatsApp) access with Terez as your accountability partner to keep you on track

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