The 10-week live online workshop for busy women who want to be more intentional with their lives.

Go from overwhelmend, uncertain and unclear to
confident, happy and purposeful.



It's been a few months since I did the Online Intentional Life Strategy workshop with Terez Rijkenberg and since then Terez has shown me the importance of showing up. 
I have figured out my purpose and goals for my business and I'm very excited for my next steps! 
Business & Life is so much easier when there is a plan and strategy in place. 
Thank you Terez!



Terez is an amazing coach with incredible energy and insight. The Intentional Life Strategy program helped me gain clarity and confidence and finally boldly go after my dreams. Terez explained and broke down self-development concepts in an easy to understand way making it so much easier to implement in my everyday life. I highly recommend The Intentional Life Strategy program and Terez to anyone looking to start showing up and living a life they love! Thank you so much, Terez!



Finding my purpose has been a beautiful thing. It's become my North Star. It has allowed for clarity, focus and real growth. Terez has an innate ability to ignite a fire within you, while guiding you to reach your absolute full potential.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by so many things to do, and so many roles you have to play?

Like you're struggling to balance work and family time?

Frustrated by the lack of time to do the things that you most want to do?

Uncertain about which direction to go with your career or aspirations?

Unsure of what you want to really achieve with your life?

Doubtful that your big dreams for your life will ever come true?

Fearful that you'll end up just living in the rat race for the rest of your life?

Like there is something more that you need to do with your life but you're unsure of how to start?


When was the last time you took a few hours to focus entirely on you?

To get clear on exactly what you want for your life. To create your vision for your future.

To set intentional and achievable goals that are in line with your values and your purpose?

Last year? Last decade? Never?

definitely for you
Just imagine if you had absolute confidence knowing you were on the right track?

That you were making intentional decisions every day for your future self.

You'll feel more fulfilled
Have more clarity on what's really important to you
Overcome your fears of failure and self-doubt
Gain more freedom (in life; finances; relationships; career...)
Know how to create a work-life balance
Be more mindful, organised, healthy and happy!
Be more productive and know how to use your time wisely
Be more disciplined and hold yourself accountable to your goals
Feel even more proud of all that you have achieved
You'll be able to have more fun and live a life you love

The most powerful work we can do in the world, is the work we do on ourselves.

They loved it!

"Helped me realise my purpose in life!"

Tammy, NHS Matron

With a stressful full-time job, buying and selling property, moving house, and starting my MBA (all in the same week!), when I saw a post about a 'My Intentional Life Strategy' coaching course I jumped at the opportunity!

I felt like I needed some structure to my life and Terez certainly didn't disappoint! Having completed the programme I feel like I have learned so much about myself and my values and priorities. And I know that this is going to help me with all the decisions I make in the future.

The tips and exercises that Terez took us through definitely helped me to realise my purpose in life and will be instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. I cannot thank Terez enough for her time and wisdom.

"Honestly the best thing I've done for myself!"


After 5 years of starting up and running my own photography business, I felt stuck within myself and how exactly MY values aligned with the values of my business.

Terez's Intentional Life Strategy coaching programme was just what I needed to strip me back to the basics, get to the core of who I really am, and take practical steps in implementing it in my daily life as well as my business.

It felt completely self-indulgent to spend time working on MYSELF. It was honestly the best thing I've done for myself and my business.

The Intentional Life Strategy is not for you if...

You’re not willing to spend time on yourself to grow and learn. You’re not willing to be uncomfortable or to take the necessary actions to have the life you want. Or, you believe that ignoring your current frustrations will eventually make them go away

Just keeping it real!

This is definitely for you if...

You’re excited to focus on you (for a change) and excited to know and love yourself even more

You’re willing to do the work necessary to get crystal clear on your purpose, vision and goals

You’re open to trying new things to learn what works best for you


It's time to create your unique
Intentional Life Strategy.

You’ve probably created a strategy for your business or for your role at work. But what about a strategy for your life?

I’m also not talking about the daydreams of owning a big house and a big car one day. I am talking about a clear and intentional strategy written down in a safe place where you can re-read and remind yourself often and take action to make it happen. 

The amazing thing about having a strategy is this: 

A strategy helps us make decisions, better and faster.

For instance: If we write down and commit to losing 10kg and every morning you read your goal and remind yourself WHY this is important. When you’re faced with a caramel covered Krispy Kreme later in the day, it’s a lot easier to say “No”.

 Believe me - I have done this for myself and recently lost 7kg within a couple of months after 3 years of struggling - just because I had a strategy and was able to make it happen.

Your Intentional Life Strategy will allow you to:

Gain crystal clear clarity on what you really want for your life - no more being influenced by the next thing on social media or what your friends and family think you should want.

Feel more fulfilled by the work you do and the value you add to those you meet and serve

Become more aware of negative mindsets and fears that are blocking you from achieving what you want - and gain more confidence in yourself and your unique abilities

Become more disciplined and hold yourself accountable through heightened self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love

Become a time-management master - you’ll learn how to take back control of your time and feel like you have more time in your day to spend on the finer things in life (more bubble baths anyone 🛀 ?)


   You'll get...

8 x Live Zoom Group Coaching calls
High-quality workbooks, worksheets, templates and exercises
Expert guidance every step of the way to help you overcome mental blocks
Group support and a community of like-minded women
BONUS: 6-month group check-in call - to keep you accountable to your goals
BONUS: 5 x 2hr virtual productivity co-working sessions
BONUS: 6 months worth of Journaling prompts
BONUS: My book: "How to get it all done - 20 Simple Strategies"

Hi, I'm Terez

Your expert coach

Here's the story of why I created my own life strategy:

Maybe it was the endless triangle jam sandwiches that I got for school lunch every day that makes me want to give my son star cucumber slices, galaxy popcorn, and planet pumpkin fritters.

But, maybe, just maybe it’s my passion for innovation and a drive to do things better than before.

Unfortunately, it was those unassuming cucumber slices that caused me a break-down 2 years ago.

Picture this: A mom with a two-year-old in one hand, an MBA study book in the other, trying to build a business from scratch. Oh, and don't forget you have to look after your health, be an amazing family member,  try and get more followers than a tik-tok teenager; and make sure your taxes are filed on time!


The list went on. I didn’t even have a minute for “me-time”. I think I had forgotten about me altogether.


It was then that I had a break-down, and realised something had to change. And I heard from friends and people around me that they were feeling the same too.


Did you know that 8 out of 10 women feel overwhelmed and unable to cope at some point within every given year?


So when my son told me that he wanted cucumber circles because the stars in the sky are circles and not actually star-shaped...

Well! I realised on that day that there is only so much that dry shampoo can fix.

I felt like it was all WAY out of control. Life was happening to me and it should've been the other way around.

Luckily, at the time, I was studying "Strategic Planning" and I thought, "if businesses prosper on well-thought-out strategies, then individuals need one too!"


And I set out to create my own life strategy!


Since then I've used my life strategy to:

Complete my MBA at a premier university (with distinction and a toddler)

Launch two successful businesses

Lose all of my pregnancy weight and get super-fit (during lockdown)

Write a book

Ensure I always have a 4-week meal plan in place

Save for an amazing holiday (when we can go again)

Maintain great relationships with my son, husband, friends and family 

Shift my career focus to do something that I absolutely LOVE! 

All it took was creating conscious and deliberate decisions for my life. And it’s why you should have a life strategy too. One that’s based on your own unique purpose, priorities, goals, and vision for your future.

Here's more of what you can expect from Your Intentional Life Strategy Group Coaching Programme:



Develop Heightened Self-Awareness

Before we can make positive changes in our lives, we need to connect authentically with our current self. Before we can define where we want to go we need to know where we are. In this module, we will uncover your true, unique and authentic self. By developing a heighted self-awareness you will be able to respond objectively to changes in your environment instead of reacting to them all of the time. 


Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs

Many of us have beliefs that limit our success. Beliefs that are getting in the way of living the life you love. In this module, we will uncover those beliefs and use strategies to sustainably transcend them. Plus, we will look at how our past holds us back, and discover ways that we can complete the past to move forward into the future.


Define Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose will help you define exactly what your life’s work should be, why you are here on this earth and where you can add the greatest value. It is the one thing that gets you out of bed and excited for every moment of every day. 


Understand Exactly What You Want in Your Life

We are influenced by the media, social channels, friends and family. But what THEY want is not necessarily what will be the best for us. When you discover exactly what you want to be, do and have, you’ll be able to make better choices for your life and stop wasting time and money on things you don’t really want!


Create a Crystal Clear Vision for the Next 5-10 Years

Many top celebrities, sportspeople and politicians have ascribed their success primarily to visualisation techniques. By creating your 5-10 year vision, you’ll have a clear picture of where you want to be and how you will get there.


Map out Your Goals

Goals move us outside of our comfort zone and force us to take on a challenge that will build us into the best person we can be. The power of goal setting is so vast because it has an impact in so many areas of our lives, we feel proud of ourselves when we can achieve something great. But a goal without an action plan is just a dream! We will uncover exactly how to create simple action plans and roadmaps that will take you from A to B. 


Understand How to Manage Your Time Wisely

For many people, TIME is the greatest hurdle in achieving a life they want. You don’t want to get to the end of your life and realise that you spent your time on all of the wrong things. In this step, we will dive deep into productivity and time management strategies, tools, and tactics to help you focus on the right tasks and in helping you achieve more in less time.


Build Resilience and Confidence in Yourself

A vital step for 99.9% of people is this one: Have you ever wondered why a lot of intelligent people aren’t successful or rich? It’s because intelligence plays only a small role in future prosperity. The traits of discipline, resilience, self-esteem and consistency are much higher factors for accomplishment. And we can ALL learn to get better at these. This step will show you how to work on these essential characteristics. 

Did someone say "bonuses"?

6-Month Live Group Coaching Call (value: $100)

Community and support is everything when it comes to making big changes in your life. This check-in call will help keep you accountable to the commitments in your Intentional Life Strategy, but also an opportunity to work through any roadblocks you may have experienced along the way. 

How to Get It All Done
E-BOOK: "How to get it all done: 20 Simple strategies"
(value: $29)

I’ve read ALL of the books on this topic so that you don’t have to. In it, you will find an easy to use summary of 20 simple and actionable strategies to get it all done without the overwhelm. PLUS: Over 25 templates to help you take immediate action.

5 x 2hr Virtual Productivity Co-Working Sessions (value: $100)

Co-working is all the rage. And now virtual co-working has started flourishing around the world. Why? Because it offers accountability and community. What better way to focus on your life-strategy and your meaningful work while in the presence of other encouraging women.

6 Months Worth of Journalling Prompts (value: $29)

At the end of the 8-weeks, you will no doubt realise that YOU are the greatest investment you’ll ever make. And you’ll probably want to continue investing in yourself every day. The simplest and most powerful tool for this is journaling. I’ll be sharing my 6 months worth of Journaling prompts with you to help you keep growing your return on investment. 

I need a life strategy!

8 x Live Zoom Group Coaching calls
High-quality workbooks, worksheets, templates and exercises
BONUS: 6-month group coaching check-in call to keep you accountable to your goals
BONUS: 5 x 2hr virtual productivity co-working sessions
BONUS: 6 months worth of journalling prompts
BONUS: My e-book: HOW TO GET IT ALL DONE - 20 Simple Strategies

One payment of:


And I want to be VIP!

Everything in the group coaching programme:


3 x One-on-one 60min Coaching Zoom calls with Terez
Voxer (like Whatsapp) access to Terez Mon-Fri for 3 months!

One payment of:


What's the #1 deathbed regret of people around the world?

“I wish I had the courage to live the life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

I don’t want this to be you years from now. 

Everyone should be able to have the life they want. Everyone should have meaning and purpose and fulfilment. Everyone should have balance and time to enjoy themselves.

And all it takes is an intentional, deliberate strategy and then just a little bit of courage to follow through.


your life just 2 months from now, you'll...

Have absolute clarity on what you want for your life.

Know what to say “yes” to and also what to say “no” to.

Know exactly how to achieve your goals.

Be more disciplined and productive.

Feel at ease knowing that you’re on the right track.

Have the confidence knowing that you have everything you need to be successful and happy!



are the answer!

Once the cart closes for enrolments on the 8th of March, I will personally be in contact with all who have signed up to discuss the best days and times for the live coaching calls. From there we can decide on a start date between 15 - 19th March 2021.

Goal-setting and planning are great and it's also something that we cover in this programme. However, what's important is to have goals that are led by your purpose, vision, values and priorities. That is is work we will do before deciding and mapping out your goals. 

For instance: If you had a goal to get fit and also a goal to save money for a house. And then you decide to pay for personal training, your goal to save for a house might not be achieved. Very often our goals are in conflict with one another, which is why it's important to work first through your purpose, vision, values and priorities. 

Once enrolments close on the 8th of Match I will be in contact will all of the women signed up for The Intentional Life Strategy programme. We will look at the times that suit the majority of people and based on numbers we may offer two options to accommodate as many people as possible!

The women that sign up for this programme come from all over the world. And US dollars is the most well-known to all who join the programme. Paying by PayPal and through stripe will allow you to use your own credit or transaction card that converts the payment into your currency. 

That is PRECISELY why you need to create a strategy for your life. Your strategy will help you make decisions better and faster. It will help you say "no" to the things that are not adding value to your life and taking up too much of your time. This will free up space for you to focus on what's REALLY important to you and finally achieve the life you've always wanted.

The enrolments will close on the 8th of March and will only open again in May / June this year. Do keep in mind that the price will be going up for the May / June intake, so why wait?

You will be able to ask questions of Terez at the 8 x Live coaching calls. If you'd like more, then consider signing up for the VIP option where you will have 3 x one-on-one coaching calls with Terez plus Voxer (like professional WhatsApp) access to her for 3 months!

There isn't one. I want you to make this investment to yourself. To commit wholeheartedly to your strategy. That's the only way to have the results you're looking for. 

With anything great, you have to do the work. And The Intentional Life Strategy is no different. But if you are willing to commit, do the work, and open yourself up to the possibilities for your future, you won't be disappointed.

If you're unsure, please reach out to us: hello@terezrijkenberg.com

We don't normally. But if you'd like to discuss a payment plan, reach out to us: hello@terezrijkenberg.com

I need a life strategy!

8 x Live Zoom Group Coaching calls
High-quality workbooks, worksheets, templates and exercises
BONUS: 6-month group coaching check-in call to keep you accountable to your goals
BONUS: 5 x 2hr virtual productivity co-working sessions
BONUS: 6 months worth of journalling prompts
BONUS: My e-book: HOW TO GET IT ALL DONE - 20 Simple Strategies

One payment of:


And I want to be VIP!

Everything in the group coaching programme:


3 x One-on-one 60min Coaching Zoom calls with Terez
Voxer (like Whatsapp) access to Terez Mon-Fri for 3 months!

One payment of:




"Was incredibly valuable to me"



"I know EXACTLY what needs to be done to reach my goals"



"I feel more empowered"